Artist Biography

Dennis Santarinala has spent the last 18 years of his career focusing attention and interest in new digital media behavior. A natural tinker, he has expanded his knowledge not only in graphic design but also in photography and other technological advances through diverse user demographic research and career advancements. Dennis has always enjoyed being at the leading edge of new ideas in technology, trend and the evolving user experience design. He believes that design should not just provide pleasing aesthetics but it should move things forward and sell.

A designer and a military service member, Dennis also served a combined eight year enlistment in the US Navy and US Army. He served two deployments that earned him a Humanitarian Service Medal participating in December 2004 Operation: Unified Assistance, where he maintained seven HSL-47 Squadron Sea hawk helicopters that delivered a combined amount of over 5 million pounds of water and relief goods to the Tsunami victims of Banda Aceh, Indonesia.

After an 8-year enlistment, He was able to continue his design education at Platt College in San Diego, California where he earned his Associates degree in Graphic Design in November 2014 and Bachelor of Science Degree in Media Arts, area of study in Web Design and Development in December 2015. A very competitive designer, he competed at the 2014 ADDY awards through Platt college and placed Silver at the Advertising Campaign category. Through overall experiences in different careers, Dennis has developed a meticulous, well-rounded and dynamic professional portfolio that forged his standards to the highest level.

Wedding Photography

Dennis Santarinala began his career in photography in the later part of his US Navy career shadowing military photojournalists aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln where he collected personal documentaries of the 2004 Tsunami in the Banda Aceh, Indonesia humanitarian relief deployment. He soon opened the doors to his photography services and assisted professional photographers in Orange County and Los Angeles in early 2007. The self-taught photographer matured in the craft by assisting renowned USA Top 100 Photographers' David Leslie Anthony in which he assisted in the Von Dutch and Hot Tuna advertising campaign and fashion photographer, Sean Armenta for the Paul Mitchell hair styling product advertising in late 2008.

He currently thrives on the excitement and energy of documenting engagements and weddings the most, allowing him to tap into the emotions of all that are present. His style is very well depicted in each captured photo and this experience adding to his fine arts and design completes him as a well-rounded artist.

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